Maui days

Daily sunset cocktails.jpg

How good is this? Sunset with cocktails on our balcony every day.

Daily Maui routine (we could really become accustomed to this) :

  • fresh coffee and breakfast on the balcony
  • short drive to our favourite beach park where I have a couple of surfs and Cathy relaxes reading a book
  • find a nice local cafe for lunch – maybe enjoy the first cocktail of the day
  • do a bit of a tourist drive to check out the local scenery
  • home for a beer and a nap then a swim in our pool
  • make and drink our cocktails (mai tais are a specialty)
  • take in the sun setting behind Molokai from our balcony lounge
  • a bit of ukulele playing on the new Kamaka solid Koa alto uke (will be a great partner for my larger tenor uke at home)
  • dinner and wine on the balcony.


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